Annual report of the ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund 2021

Opening words

We are the ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund and we have been making the regions in which our founder operates into places where people can live comfortably.



Martin, did you know that the oak tree has always been a symbol of strength, longevity and resilience? These attributes are even more important now than ever before. Oaks and other tree species planted with our support have much more than this in common. They are connected by a community of people made up of the ranks of ŠKODA AUTO employees and the citizens of the Mladá Boleslav, Rychnov and Vrchlabí regions, who took part in their planting last year. Last year our joint efforts helped us reach our one millionth tree planted, whose shade will refresh many generations as it becomes witness to numerous events in the years to come.

Ladislav Kučera


You are right, Láďa. I like to study the history of our region, because I think that we have a lot to draw inspiration from. Evidence has been found relatively recently that three beech trees were planted in the ‘Tří císařů’ (Three Emperors’) park in September 1833, on the very day when the Emperors of Austria, Prussia and Russia met to renew a treaty of alliance known as the Holy Alliance. They also visited the factory of the Köchlin and Singer company as part of the meeting back then. Later on, the British installed the first steam engine in Austria-Hungary there and it is certainly no coincidence that today the ŠKODA AUTO Technology and Development Centre is situated in the very same place.

Martin Hrdlička

projects from
grant calls

It is great to see how history intertwines with the present day. There is always something new to discover. The ‘Forgotten Stories’ grant call, in which we collected a variety of stories from families, individuals, or associations, demonstrated this. Hopefully, this year’s edition will generate as much interest among the citizens as last year’s did. Not only working together, but also these stories from the past can help us create an even greater sense of togetherness, or perhaps even that of regional patriotism.

Ladislav Kučera

own projects
and studies

I agree. I am personally convinced that we cannot create the future without knowledge of our history. We care about our regions and we want to carry on developing them together, therefore we should also look to our past for inspiration. After all, at our Endowment Fund, we are also building on the more than one hundred and twenty-five-year tradition of ŠKODA AUTO, which has always acted responsibly and developed an innovative environment for all the inhabitants of the region.

Martin Hrdlička

The people of the Endowment Fund

In the past temple builders were needed, but the present moment rather requires the building of partnerships. Every year, a wide range of partnerships is created thanks to us, even between entities that did not know about each other until then. In particular, partnerships between public benefit organisations, individuals and public administration have real impact on the quality of our lives. The work at the Endowment Fund represents a great responsibility to the historical legacy of our founders, but also to all the inhabitants, who we care about. Whatever we do, the important thing is that we are not just a donor. We are also a guide who enjoys the success of others.

I am a newcomer to the team, but not to the Mladá Boleslav region. My relationship with my home does not prevent me from being critical about it. I like the fact that the Endowment Fund is aware of the region’s shortcomings and cooperates with organisations which are working to eliminate them. It is my personal goal to give (not only) my peers, who are dispersed throughout the whole Czech Republic, a reason to return to the region. Mladá Boleslav really has a lot to offer. Being part of the team is a challenge for me, an opportunity to work on myself and to move forward with topics that genuinely interest me and really make sense to me internally.

A bridge is a symbol of connection. For example, of the two banks of the Jizera River or the two parts of the historical avenue divided by a motorway. At the ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund, we do not only support connectivity between real places in the regions, but also representatives of local communities, local ambassadors, representatives of public administration or non-profit organisations and of all citizens who wish to get involved in the development of our regions. We can do a lot alone, but together we can do even more.

The purpose of the activities of our Fund is not only to contribute financially to the development of projects, but mainly to support our partners from the ranks of public benefit organisations, communities, individuals, but also public administration. Our common goal is to combine the efforts who strive to change the environment in which we are living together. Our work can take many forms. Sometimes it is more important to support an idea to help put things in motion. The first step of any journey is always the most difficult, which is why we try to support all those who have the desire to improve their surroundings.

Our Hrdlička family has been a part of, not only ŠKODA AUTO, but also the Mladá Boleslav region for almost one hundred years. As a proud patriot, I believe that knowledge of the environment in which we live and the stories which are connected to it help us create the future. The coronavirus pandemic reinforced our view that it is crucial to strengthen the local cultural identity and sense of belonging. Last year we collected stories related to our region and its personalities in our ‘The Forgotten Stories’ grant call. The September exhibition in the Mladá Boleslav historic Pluhárna factory then was a beautiful celebration of our joined efforts.

As the Bursar of the ŠKODA AUTO University, I meet young people every day. The four students from Mladá Boleslav region who received a scholarship to study abroad won me over not only with their determination to work on themselves, but also with their ideas for projects to improve the standard of living in the region. Having studied and worked abroad myself for a few years, I know how important such an experience is. I believe that investment in education is the most valuable thing and that it is particularly necessary to support those who would not be able to afford such a trip.

As one of the largest employers in the Czech Republic, we believe that our responsibility does not stop at the factory gates – in fact, we want to actively promote positive and sustainable development in the regions around our Czech plants in Mladá Boleslav, Vrchlabí and Kvasiny. That is why we are investing a total of 780 million Czech crowns in local and regional projects – from transport, sports, and culture to urban development and safety. Recently, for example, we have revitalised a biotope, created new cycle paths and started building a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists crossing the Jizera River in Mladá Boleslav. Our goal is to make the hometowns of many of our employees even more attractive and welcoming.

We at ŠKODA AUTO set up our External Sustainability Council with five sustainability experts from diverse fields. Their role: impulse generators, advisors, challengers to all our activities also for strategical outlook of our Endowment Fund. This same diversity of perspectives we aim to strengthen within communities in our regions – it helps us to push innovation and to understand strategical needs in terms of sustainability from a different perspective. The Endowment Fund became the essential tool which supports our regional communities to be more resilient and sustainable. We openly discuss topics around cultural diversity, exchange ideas and strengthen our human networks. Each of us has a story and therefore is unique. And it is this uniqueness that makes us a great, innovative and diverse team.

In cooperation with regional schools, we support the development of a culture in which children will be eager to learn. This involves investment into the development of teachers and headmasters of nursery and primary schools, whether in the form of domestic or foreign educational stays, sharing examples of good practice, or workshops focused on cooperative teaching or personal development. For example, during the virtual reality course, teachers learned to create simple scenes or basic interactions that can enrich their classes. Modern technologies have become a normal part of our daily lives and their proper use can help children with their development.

Reaching and engaging the young generation is one of our key ambitions to ensure sustainable regions and great investment for our common future. That is why I am glad that we managed to implement several projects that attracted the attention of children and young people. Among the most successful is the Maker Faire Festival, a holiday for all do-it-yourselfers and creators, in which the classic craft blends with new technologies such as 3D printing or robotics. Online sports tournaments, which followed on from the successful ŠKODA Gaming Day, are also very popular. Children not only have fun, but also learn about fake news or safety on the internet, and at the same time they can develop some of their competencies, such as the ability to communicate and cooperate with others.

For me, the most important thing is that my work is meaningful. Not only am I involved in projects with a long-term impact and help the development of the region where I live. I also work with interesting and creative people who inspire me every day. Thanks to the contact with them, my work is very varied and interesting. We have an excellent team – I can always rely on my colleagues.

It is impossible to pinpoint just one thing what work at the Endowment Fund means to me, but the first thing I would mention is the opportunity to be involved in the development of the place where I live. The work at the Fund is incredibly diverse, it brings opportunities to meet many inspiring people and experts from different fields. All this has really been moving me forward, from both the professional and personal perspective. This is also helped by a superbly put together and perfectly functioning team, where, in the words of Jan Werich: “he can do this and she can do that and all together we do a lot.

Ladislav Kučera

Director of the Endowment Fund

Kristýna Dvořáková

Project Manager

Michal Kadera

Chairman of the Management Board

Dana Němečková

Member of the Management Board

Martin Hrdlička

Member of the Management Board

Sandra Lacinová

Member of the Management Board

Thomas Schäfer

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Maren Gräf

Member of the Supervisory Board

Bohdan Wojnar

Member of the Supervisory Board

Christian Schenk

Member of the Supervisory Board

Michal Čapek

Project Manager

Ondřej Novák

Project Manager

Where are we going?
Why do we do this?
We celebrated our third anniversary
Rolling it out in other regions
What are we building on?
Together we are moving our regions forward
What have we been doing?

Where are we going?

Our story began to write itself in 1895 when two visionaries Laurin & Klement laid the foundations of what was later to become ŠKODA AUTO. They both had a philanthropic spirit and supported not only their employees, but also children from poor families who did not receive an education. Since its foundation, the ŠKODA AUTO company has been trying to behave responsibly, support its employees, and to develop an innovative environment for all the people living near its plants.

Similarly, our objective is to increase the appeal of the regions in which ŠKODA AUTO has been operating. In cooperation with active people, we want to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in the Mladá Boleslav, Rychnov and Vrchlabí regions so that they continue to be great places to work, but also to live – places where people are closer to one another and are more motivated and active in developing their surroundings or helping others, and where they will feel safe.


Why do we do this?

At the heart of our activities are the people. We try to listen to their needs and direct our help to exactly where the public perceives a weakness or that they are facing a challenge. Most importantly, through our projects and grant calls we strive to activate citizens and local communities to participate in the development of their regions together with us. One example is the ‘Green Towns’ initiative in which citizens first selected suitable places and then joined forces to plant a total of 413 trees last year. Who knows how many more generations they will bring joy to? The projects behind which we can see the enthusiasm of local people and communities please us the most. So do not hesitate to contact us if you think of anything we can do together to make life better in our regions.


We celebrated our third anniversary

Last year we celebrated the three-year anniversary of our Endowment Fund and the presentation of the ‘Seal of Quality’ award from the Donors Forum. This represents an opportunity for us to carry on moving forward, to make our internal processes, management, and the transparency the public more efficient, because these are exactly the areas in which we were evaluated by the expert committee.

We have helped implement more than 200 projects to date, which has been enabled by continuous development of partnership dialogue with the representatives of towns, non-governmental organisations and the locals. We know that our work is meaningful thanks to the positive feedback. We got this, along with other forms of feedback, from our Facebook platforms Nové Boleslavsko (New Boleslav region), Nové Rychnovsko (New Rychnov region) and Nové Vrchlabsko (New Vrchlabí region), whose setting up we initiated.


Rolling it out in other regions

As part of our gradual development in the Mladá Boleslav region, we also saw a commitment towards other regions in which ŠKODA AUTO operates. Expanding the activities to the Rychnov and Vrchlabí regions last year was therefore a logical step for us. In a manner like that of the Mladá Boleslav region, we would like to build on the local history, highlight the stories of local heroes and, through grant calls, continue to support the activities of public benefit organisations and individuals.


What are we building on?

Our activities are directed at fulfilling selected Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations Organisation. We are building on the history of our regions and emphasising partnership dialogue with the widest possible range of stakeholders. We have been achieving our goals by means of three programme pillars, which are i) grant programmes aimed at supporting civil society, cultural life, safety or the development of social services, ii) strategic projects developed with partners, which include, in particular, the revitalisation of the public space and historical monuments, and iii) activities with a long-term impact aimed at promoting the engagement of residents, improving the quality of education and assisting people in difficult life situations and those who need help with the elimination of different barriers.


Together we are moving our regions forward

This would not be possible without the residents of our regions, nor without our partners from the public administration and private sector. During our three years of operation, we have organised several public opinion surveys, in which we have received more than 2,300 specific suggestions. This resulted in the establishment of a shelter for dogs and cats, for example, the introduction of bike-sharing or making the former factory halls, known today as ‘Pluhárna’, accessible for public cultural and community events. Thanks to the cooperation with towns, a footbridge for cyclists and pedestrians over the Jizera River in Mladá Boleslav, a biotope in Kosmonosy or a leisure complex with a traffic playground in Mnichovo Hradiště have all been created.


What have we been doing?

Traffic educationa


A number of schools and nurseries are already involved in the traditional traffic safety educational programme. In addition to workshops at schools, the ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund is also involved in engaging the wider public in programmes focused on prevention and education aimed at improving traffic safety.

Support for education – the EDU programme for regions


We want to motivate schools in all the ŠKODA regions and support them in their efforts to create a culture of learning in which children will learn deeply and with gusto. For this reason, the ‘EDU Programme’ was launched in 2021, whose aim is that by 2025 a total of 80 % of primary schools in our regions will have systematically created an educational environment that is stimulating for all and that they will have moved towards improving the processes of cooperation and reflecting on the practice of strengthening the competency-based learning, autonomy and well-being of children.

‘Give Your Helping Hand to Sport’


Our youth determines what our old age will be like, says cardiologist Prof. Jan Pirk. Therefore, the earlier we choose an active lifestyle, the better for our overall health. The aim of the project was to support physical activities of children, whose return to sport after Covid was slow. A series of lectures was designed to motivate and inspire coaches from regional clubs who have a direct influence on children and youth.

Community planting


In spring 2021, as part of the ‘Green Towns’ initiative of the ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund, suitable places for planting trees began being selected. In October, over three hundred trees and shrubs were planted at nine selected locations thanks to the involvement of volunteers from among the town representatives, schoolchildren, young football players and the citizens of the Mladá Boleslav region. The event lasted seventeen days and began symbolically on Arbor Day, which falls on 20 October.

‘Hurray, Let’s Go to Nature’


In response to the anti-pandemic measures, we came up together with our partner ‘Ekocentrum Zahrada’ (Eco-centre Garden) with an entertaining educational game for the whole family. The purpose was to encourage people to visit interesting natural places, where participants could find playful and educational materials hidden in birdhouses. When participants completed playing cards from at least six locations, they then received nice prizes, including products from the sheltered workshops of ‘FOKUS Mladá Boleslav’.



Together with our partners, we have gradually been transforming the former factory halls behind the Secondary Technical School in Mladá Boleslav, known as ‘Pluhárna’, into a place where people across all interest and age groups can meet. Cultural, educational, sporting and community events are held here. In September, ‘Pluhárna’ traditionally hosts the day of all DIYers and inventors, ‘The Maker Faire Festival’, which is made possible with the support of the ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund.



The donor platform ‘znesnáze21’ helps exactly where it is needed. Last year, it joined forces with the ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund, which contributes to fundraisers from the Mladá Boleslav, Rychnov and Vrchlabí regions through the ŠKOFIT sports challenge. The fundraisers are verified and help those who are in a difficult life situation where social counselling is no longer enough. Anyone can lend a helping leg!

‘Maják’ (Lighthouse)


The first edition of the ‘Maják’ festival brought the light into the lives of all participants who came to the castle in Kosmonosy in October 2021.The goal of the Endowment Fund was to offer people a safe, non-conventional outdoor cultural event while meeting all Covid measures. The four-hour video mapping referring to the rich history of Kosmonosy and Mladá Boleslav, the laser show and other performances were eventually enjoyed by over 5 thousand vistitors.

Overview of selected projects supported in 2021


Mladá Boleslav

Care services of Mladá Boleslav, p.o.

Mgr. Jana Volfová, Director  

I very much appreciate the cooperation with the ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund because it always responds to the needs of, not only the region, but also of our organisation. In 2021, their support went towards the purchase of disinfection lamps, which, among other things, contributed to the prevention of transmission of the Covid-19 infection during the pandemic. The Care services of Mladá Boleslav continues to improve the quality of the provided care. As the only ones in the region, we obtain the certificate of a quality label in maximum rating.

The Regional Hospital Mladá Boleslav

JUDr. Ladislav Řípa, Chairman of the Board  

The ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund is an essential partner for us. In 2021, it helped us with the equipment for the gastroenterology department, which enables earlier diagnostics and gentler interventions leading to shorter convalescence for the patients. The support for our employees, who were recognised for their commitment during the coronavirus pandemic, is also not without significance. Thanks to the support from the Endowment Fund, we can carry on effectively increasing the quality of the health care provided.

ZO ČSOP Klenice

Milada Vrbová, Chairwoman  

Our cooperation with the ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund helped us to implement the ‘Planting Trees for Our Descendants' project. For a long time, we have been re-planting the original fruit trees along country roads, returning this symbol of the Czech landscape to its rightful place. In 2021, we wanted to expand the project and focus on more locations in the region. Thanks to the ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund, it was possible to plant 413 trees in the Mladá Boleslav and Jičín regions. 370 volunteers from all age groups took part in the implementation of the project.

Fokus Mladá Boleslav, z.s.

MUDr. Jan Stuchlík, Director  

The ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund supported our two projects to complement and improve the services that we provide to long-term mentally ill clients and their families. The first of them made it possible for our clients to access sports or cultural activities, which would have been inaccessible to them previously, mainly due to economic reasons, the second one is intended for the families caring for the long-term mentally ill. I would like to acknowledge the fact that the projects of the ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund allow us to carry out activities, which are usually excluded by the rules for financing social services and health care. A second, equally important advantage is the flexibility and willingness of our colleagues from the Endowment Fund which they invest in the cooperation.

4ART, z.s.

Miroslav Sekera, Piano Virtuoso and Member of the Committee  

Thanks to support from the ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund, we were able to realise our long-term wish to hold an extraordinary cycle of classical music in Mladá Boleslav. With the help of the grant, we can approach outstanding musicians and artists and develop the culture in the Mladá Boleslav region to a high level. The cooperation with the Endowment Fund is very open and flexible and we are delighted that we were entrusted with such a big project.

Aid Fund Foundation (Nadační fond pomoci), Čestmír Horký, Director


We believe that the most effective way to support a person in a difficult life situation is to enable them to help themselves. A team of professional social workers attends to all our clients according to their individual situations. The ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund is a strong and valued partner for us in this work. Thanks to the support for social counselling, we were able to help to more than 2,000 citizens in 2021. We very much appreciate the fact that the cooperation is “going at full throttle” again this year.


Marek Burda, Architect, Director of the Pluhárna Institute  

Work is also underway this year to breathe new life into the premises of former industrial halls known as ‘Pluhárna’. We focuse mainly on the security of the old hall. A project to replace the roofing and reconstruction of the wooden sections is currently being drawn up. Materials are being prepared for the founding of the Pluhárna Institute, which will be responsible for all activities related to the premises. Studies that are underway analyse the possibilities of using the premises not only for Ukrainian refugees, especially children.


Bělá pod Bezdězem

MMunicipal cultural facilities Bělá

Marcela Paterová  

Thanks to the support from the ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund, it was possible to renovate and equip part of the ground-floor premises of the Bělá Castle. The mobile equipment allows the facilities to be used for creative workshops of all kinds, as a playroom for the little ones, but also for yoga classes or meditation workshops. Thanks to the portable tables and chairs is possible to transform space quickly into a small gym. The castle club has traditionally been used for the ‘Bělá Market’, a very successful event with a high turnout. Thank you for all the help and support, your conduct is always kind, pleasant, clear and accommodating.



School of Music and Fine Arts Mladá Boleslav (‘ZUŠ MB’) and Association of Friends of Arts Mladá Boleslav (‘SPUMB’)

Ing. Jana Mlčochová, in charge of the management of the ZUŠ MB and chairwoman of the SPUMB  

Thanks to the well-established cooperation between the ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund and the Association of Friends of Arts Mladá Boleslav, further help has been arranged. It is financial support for the purchase of a new concert piano for the School of Music and Fine Arts Mladá Boleslav in order to increase the quality of classes. In September 2021, a branch of the school was opened in Dobrovice in the historic rectory building thanks to a financial contribution from the Endowment Fund. Thank you!



Bowling Club Kosmonosy

Jiří Řehoř, Chairman  

We would like to thank the ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund for their financial help during the reconstruction of a six-lane bowling alley in Kosmonosy. Brand-new segmented lanes were purchased, which have received international acceptance, and this means they can be used for international matches. Today we have 3 men’s teams, 1 women’s team and 2 youth teams. This year, we have been given the opportunity to organise the Czech National Championship for Girls under 15. Naturally, the bowling alley is also open to the general public for recreational use. Come to play bowling in Kosmonosy! Thanks to the ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund, our bowling alley is one of the most modern in the Czech Republic.


Mnichovo Hradiště


Mgr. Lenka Dokládalová Bednářová, Technical Director  

Thanks to support from the ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund we were able to support face-to-face meetings and communication with, not only the children and young people who attend our low-threshold facility in Mnichovo Hradiště, but also the people who surround them. Neighbourhood afternoons interconnect generations, opinions and perspective of life and provide an opportunity to learn from one another and be supportive. Thank you for this support.


Vrchlabí a ORP Jilemnice

Hospital Vrchlabí

MUDr. Michal Mrázek, Director of the Hospital  

We very much appreciate the support from the ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund. With the financial donation that we received at the end of 2021, we purchased equipment to improve the quality of the staff facilities in all departments of our hospital. Our health professionals are therefore able to enjoy new coffee machines, microwaves or comfortable armchairs in those rare moments of relaxation.

Diaconia of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren Light Vrchlabí

Ing. Tomáš Hawel, Director  

Thanks to the project ‘Blue Life’, we could acknowledge those people who work to improve a place or help others in the Krkonoše Mountains. With the involvement of young people, we made short documentaries profiling these “heroes of everyday life”. During our efforts to highlight the value of help in society in this way, the Endowment Fund support us with financial aid, which helped us to arrange the production of video documentaries and a course for us to learn how to work with video, but also helped us to establish an evaluation system, present the stories and through consultations.

‘Spolek pro Hartu’ (Association for Harta)

Mgr. Dušan Vodnárek, Chairman  

In 2021, ‘Spolek pro Hartu’ planted 36 fruit trees thanks to the financial help of the ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund. We organised an autumn planting of 30 fruit trees on Ovčák Hill, accompanied by the roasting of sausages, coffee, tea, home-made cakes and conversation. This planting followed up on two previous planting events, a total of 115 fruit trees have been planted in the area. The last planting undertaken with the help of the Endowment Fund is special in that we also planted less common or more historic fruit varieties: quince, mulberry, sorb, medlar, etc. We purchased seedlings of the trees, stakes and mesh for some of the trees with the financial assistance from the grant. In cooperation with the Town of Vrchlabí, we also planted 6 rowan trees in the built-up area of the village within the ‘Neigbourhood Planting of Trees in Harta’. ‘Spolek pro Hartu’ was successful with its grant application and it has implemented the creation of three pools and a footbridge over the brook in the Harta park.

Hospice Home Care ‘DUHA’ Vrchlabí

MUDr. Jana Michlová, Head Doctor  

Within our home-based hospice care, we provide care for patients in their home environment. This means that we drive thousands of kilometres a year all over the region to visit our patients, at any time of the day, in all weathers and often to treacherous mountain destinations. Our team has been joined by two new nurses, so the purchase of another car was absolutely necessary. Thanks to the support from the ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund, this year we can visit our patients with a portable ultrasound which allows us to carry out a number of procedures safely in home environment. This means our patients do not have to undergo a whole set of examinations and subsequent interventions in hospitals. We greatly appreciate this support!

Rugby Club Vrchlabí

David Lahr, Club Management  

Thanks to the financial donation from the ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund, we were able to ride out the Covid times, when sports facilities and gyms were closed, by purchasing new, high-quality fitness equipment. Our players were therefore able to prepare themselves physically thanks to which we became vice-champions of the Czech Republic in rugby. Another part of the financial donation was used for our juniors, to purchase the equipment to train tackles. Thanks to this, their training sessions are more fun and safer.


Rychnov nad Kněžnou

Hospital Rychnov nad Kněžnou

Ing. Luboš Mottl, Director  

In an effort to support the increase in the level of expertise and the quality of the health care provided in the Hospital Rychov nad Kněžnou, five projects were implemented in cooperation with the ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund and the Endowment Fund of the Town of Rychnov nad Kněžnou. This consisted of the purchase of modern, technical equipment for the Hospital Rychnov nad Kněžnou and we very much and sincerely appreciate this long-term support.

‘Od 5 k 10’ (From 5 to 10), z.s.

Mgr. Martin Vlasák, Manager  

The financial support from the ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund helped us open clubs for parents with children, organise talks on child-rearing for dozens of parents and give out more than one hundred booklets as part of the ‘Mummy, Daddy, when will I go to the nursery?’campaign. The support for the cohesion and resilience of ordinary families will help both adults and children. Functional and content families will allow the whole society to better manage the crises and uncertainties of the modern times.



‘Doteky naděje’ (Touches of Hope), z.s.

Renata Moravcová, Chairwoman of the Association  

We very much appreciate the great help we received from the ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund. It was mainly thanks to its help that the ‘Doteky naděje’ association could expand the project ‘Travelling with a Disability’ even more. We can describe the life of the disabled not only to children and students, but also to the general public. Disabled people tend to feel much safer coping with their normal days, if they can find help from someone who is able to empathize with their problems.

Society for the Revitalisation of Local Railways (‘SRMD’)

Jiří Kučera, Chairman of the Association  

On behalf of the SRMD, I would like to thank you once again for the support which made it possible for us to hold an event on September 28th 2021 in Dobruška as part of the postponed celebration of 700 years of the town and the opening of the Museum of František Kupka, who was born 150 years ago. The journeys of the steam engine M124.001 “Komarek” recalled the history of this vehicle, which ran here on the Dobruška – Opočno track from 1910 to 1946 and was transferred to the National Technical Museum in 1949.


Bystré v Orlických horách

Congregation of the Church of the Brethren in Bystré

Tomáš Cvejn, Preacher of the Church of the Brethren, Bystré in the Orlické Mountains  

On behalf of ELADA o.p.s, we would like to thank the ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund in this way for providing the donation which helped us to purchase a Yamaha concert piano. The beautiful sound of this piano will make it possible to organise concerts and will enrich our region with a high-quality experience. It is certainly not lying idle – it is used not only by artists, but also by children and the youth. Thank you very much once again!

Our year 2021 in pictures

Take a look at the photos and recordings from events at which we met each other last year or watch our educational videos.

The Endowment Fund in figures

Below is some information about our economic activities from last year. We have also added some other numbers that characterise 2021 for us.

The total amount
of the support provided

CZK 38,145,010

Number of
supported projects


Partners involved
in our activities


Number of grant
calls launched


The total amount
of donations accepted

CZK 355,000